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This Year's DREAM TRIP will be from November 6th through November 12th, 2016.
These are a few pictures from a recent "Dream Trip" to Salt Lake City.
(This Year's DREAM TRIP will be from November 6th through November 12th, 2016.)


June 13, Picnic - Member Sharing

Jun 13: Picnic
Jul. 11: Millie Roberts
Aug. 8: Roger Lonning
Sep. 12: Jan Hintermeister
Oct. 10: Pat Goldman & Jane Maiden
Nov. 14: Vickie Storlie
Dec. 12: Christmas Meal

7-Lag Stevne
July 13-16, 2016
Austin Conference Center
Austin, MN

Current Officers/Directors
Vickie Storlie – President
Roger Lonning – Vice President
Jean Pelikan – Secretary
Pat Mulso – Treasurer
Board of Directors: Lynn Krueger, Jane Maiden, Pat Goldman and Janet Hintermeister.
I would like to thank all of you that served last year.

Salt Lake City Research Trip
A research trip to the World’s Largest GenealogicalLibrary located in Salt Lake City, Utah is planned for Sunday, November 6th – Saturday, November12, 2016. Whether you are a beginner genealogist or have been researching for 50 years, this is a trip of a lifetime. The cost listed is per person, for members, and includes transportation to the airport,
room, shuttle to hotel and orientation class. Nonmembers add $50.00 to listed amounts. (Meals and air fare are not included). Single $730.00, Double $430.00. We will be staying at the Salt Lake Plaza Hotel which is located next door to the library in downtown Salt Lake City. The week will begin with an orientation class on Monday morning and then you are on your own to research at the library or sight see as you prefer. We are requiring a $100.00 non-refundable deposit at the time you register for the trip. (Your spot will not be reserved until your deposit is received). One half of the balance is due by June 30, 2016 and the remaining balance by August 15, 2016. Make checks payable to FCGS (memo SLC Trip)

Mail to: FCGS, 1033 Bridge Avenue, Albert Lea,
MN 56007.
________Single _________Double
________Member _______Non-Member
________Deposit Check# __________

FCGS Meeting Minutes
May 9, 2016

Meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by President Vickie Storlie. 14 members and 1 visitor (Bev Hart) were present.
Secretary’s Report: Motion by Mike Kroll, second by Pat Mulso to approve the minutes of the April 11, 2016 meeting. Motion passed.

Treasurer's Report: The treasurer's report was presented by Pat Mulso. A copy of the report is attached. Lois Ahern made a motion to approve the report, Millie Roberts seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.

Old Business:
  1. If there are checks to be issued for payment of dues or the June picnic, they should be made payable to the Freeborn County Museum.

  2. A reminder regarding the May 13th Writing Workshop at the Museum was made.

New Business:

1. The Newsletters received since the last meeting and available for              review in the library are:
        a. Table Talk - Winona Area Genealogy Round Table
        b. Ottertail County Genealogical Society Newsletter - Fergus Falls
        c. Rice Gleanings - Rice County and
        d. Martin County Genealogical Society


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Mike Knoll, seconded by Carl Grandstand and passed unanimously.

Carl Grandstand provided treats. Roger Lonning presented a program regarding Orphan Trains in Minnesota.

Reminder: Next month is a picnic at 6:00 p.m. on 6/13/2016 at the museum. $1-/person

Checking Account:
Beginning Balance        April 1,2016                        $377.29
    Deposit - 4/12/2016(membership)                              20.00
    Deposit - 4/13/2016(&1000/savings/$20 m-ship)      1020.00
    Subtotal                                                               $1417.29
     Check #832 FCHM Grant Match donation                 1000.00
    Ending Balance        April 30, 2016                         $  417.29

Savings Account:
Beginning Balance    April 01,2016                           $3,147.84
    Transfer to Checking                                               $1,000.00
    Subtotal                                                                   2,147.84
    Deposit (March coffee money) 4/12/2016                        10.00
    Deposit (April coffee money)   4/13/2016                        11.00
    Interest                April 30,2016                                        .31
    Ending Balance      April 30,2016                              $2,169.15             
31 paid memberships for 2016

Respectfully submitted,
Pat Mulso, Treasurer

E-mail addresses of our members
Updated April 12, 2015

Ahern, Lois
Eichler Lair, Valerie
Evenson, Linda
Goldman, Pat
Grandstrand, Carl
Hanson, Pat and Harold
Hintermeister, Janet
Johnson, Sonja
Johnsrud, Joanne
Klukow, Kaye
Knoll, Michael
Knudtson, Tom and Judy
Krueger, Lynn
Lonning, Roger
Lora Low
Maiden, Jane
Mulso, Pat
Oliphant, Ann
Pelikan, Jean
Plantage, Virginia and Ed
Probst, Jenny
Radke, Carmen
Schewe, Diane
Storlie, Vickie

Respectfully submitted by
Lois Ahern, Secretary
Passing this on from one of our members in Colorado

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A Cautionary Note
See the Library page for a research caution if you have ancestors from Plymouth County, Mass.

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